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“Circular Realty” is a project undertaken by Saahas to address the growing need to cater to Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste. The project aims to create awareness on Construction & Demolition Waste Management as well as collect C&D waste from residents (non-bulk generators) in Bangalore South Zone. Saahas will also create awareness and provide information on C&D waste disposal options to residents from other zones of Bangalore. Saahas ensures that C&D waste is disposed properly and sent to end destinations for proper disposal and recycling.

If you are undertaking renovation or remodelling your home, reach out to Saahas at +91 8510091213 to ensure that your C&D waste is disposed of in a responsible manner.

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As per the C&D waste rules and regulations issued by authorities such as Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) as well as Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the waste generator is responsible for segregation, collection as well as proper disposal of C&D waste.
There is value in waste only if it is segregated properly. Like with municipal solid waste (MSW), it would be difficult to retrieve the useful items from waste if everything is mixed together. It is highly recommended that different waste categories be segregated as much as possible.
It is best to involve us before you start renovation/remodelling so that we can be involved from the beginning and guide your workers on waste management accordingly.
We know your contractor/tractor guy provides seamless service and collects the waste from your doorstep and disposes it without your involvement. But, the waste is mixed and no value can be derived from this. It generally gets dumped illegally within the city or in villages in the outskirts of the city.
We do not have any restriction on minimum quantity/weight for pick up. We would like to optimise our collection as much as possible and towards this we request you to hold onto small quantities of waste and we will arrange for collection within a week's time.
Yes, there are penalties in place for mixing and dumping of C&D waste.
  • INR 1000/- for mixing of C&D waste with MSW.
  • INR 5000/- for the first time illegal dumping.
  • INR 25000/- for subsequent dumping episodes.
Yes, this is a chargeable service and the waste generator will need to pay the charges for disposal. However, since we are at the pilot stage of this project we will be doing the first few collections for free of cost.
Saahas will send the segregated waste to authorised recyclers. The waste will then be processed into new products, re-used or repurposed. As of now, we do not have proper end destinations for a few of the waste categories, but we are working towards this.
If you are a Residents Welfare Association (RWA) or a citizen living in BBMP South zone, you are our target audience. This project is specifically meant for non-bulk generators (citizens and not commercial establishments) of C&D waste falling within the purview of BBMP South zone.
Yes, you can use our services for regular collection of C&D waste.



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C&D rules & Regulations

CPCB Construction & Demolition Waste Management Rules, 2016
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CPCB Guidelines on Dust Mitigation measures in handling C&D Waste
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KSPCB Guidelines for Construction & Demolition Waste in ULB's for Karnataka
about image
BBMP Guidelines for Construction & Demolition waste management
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