Expansion of Biogas facility

Expansion of Biogas facility, Koramangala

Status : Ongoing

Location : Koramangala ward 151, Bengaluru

Supported By : CGI

The project ‘Capacity enhancement of existing waste processing unit and carbon footprint assessment’, is being funded by IT major CGI, and is being implemented at the waste management unit at Koramangala ward 151. Saahas is the implementation partner along with Carbon Masters (Biogas infrastructure) and VNV advisory services (for carbon footprint assessment). 


Key interventions under this project are:

  • Wet waste from Koramangala ward will be diverted to the Biogas plant being revamped through this project
  • Carbon Masters to improve the feeding mechanism for the biogas infrastructure at Koramangala ward and also to enhance the capacity of existing biogas plant by 1500 kg.
  • Carbon footprint assessment to be done, taking baseline conditions and the carbon impact due to the implementation of the project
  • Employee engagement sessions are being conducted for the CGI employees


Focus Area

Focus Area:

Capacity enhancement of Biogas plant, Employee engagement,


Nov 2019 - Ongoing

Direct Beneficiaries:



Key stakeholders

Key stakeholders:

Residents of Koramangala, CGI employees

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