Kasa Kiosk

Kasa Kiosk

Status : Ongoing

Location : Wind Tunnel Road, Bengaluru

Supported By : Omega Health Care Pvt Ltd

The Wind Tunnel road had a transfer station where waste from primary collection would be transferred to a compactor for taking to the landfill site by BBMP. As is a common sight in Bengaluru, the spot where the transfer station exists eventually becomes a dump site and the same happened on Wind Tunnel Road. Saahas came up with an idea to set up a manned waste collection kiosk at the site to encourage people to drop their segregated waste, instead of throwing the mixed waste at the dumpsite. The kiosk has the capacity to collect 200 kg of waste per day. The kiosk works in 2 shifts, 5:30-10:30 am in the morning and 7-12 pm in the night and has been open on all ways without down time from the day of inauguration, 18th Dec 2018.

Key interventions under the project:

  • An existing black spot was cleaned up and the wall behind it has been painted.
  • A manned kiosk for segregated waste collection has been set up.
  • Awareness events are conducted around the Kiosk area to sensitize people
  • Ensuring that the collected waste is picked up by BBMP and sent to the appropriate destinations for processing.


Focus Area

Focus Area:

Manned public bins for segregated waste collection


Dec 2018 - ongoing

Direct Beneficiaries:


Waste handled:

20 M Tons/ month


Key stakeholders

Key stakeholders:

Households and shops near wind tunnel road Collection staff BBMP

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