1Kinds of  Waste   Establish a Waste Management programme in your community
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2Kinds of Waste   Establish a Waste Management programme in your community
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3Kinds of Waste   Assess the quantum of waste and manpower available for segregated collection. You can hire a professional team to do the waste Audit, contact www.saahaszerowaste.com
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4Kinds of Waste   Door to door collection keeps a tab on defaulters. If there is a common bin, ensure it is under constant supervision and the supervisor is empowered to reject non-segregated waste.
5Kinds of Waste   If you fall under the category of a bulk generator (Commercial bulk generator:more than 10Kg of waste per day, Domestic Bulk Generator:more than 50 units/dwellings), enlist the services of a vendor empanelled by the municipal corporation.
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6Kinds of Waste   Verify the end destinations of the Waste Management Service provider to ensure that the wet waste is composted/sent to a bio-gas plant, no amount of dry waste is dumped or burnt in the open, all the rejects are sent to the Rejectshandling empanelled vendor.
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7Kinds of Waste   Communicate with the residents/members, provide poster/leaflet clearly showing what goes in each bin, preferably pictorially. Also provide contacts for clarifications as people will have lot of doubts initially.
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8Kinds of Waste   Organise training sessions for the residents/members as well as the housekeeping staff, maids and cooks etc.
9Kinds of Waste   Assign volunteers to monitor door to door collection and segregation. It is good to implement it in phases so that close monitoring is done for first few days. In the long run, the housekeeping team that does collection must be given the onus of reporting on defaulters. Some kind of incentive tied to level of segregation helps here.
10Kinds of Waste   Publish the segregation levels of different towers/blocks in the community. Competition helps.
11Kinds of Waste   Suitable penalisation system must be planned for defaulters and it must be strictly adhered to.
12Kinds of Waste   Collect e-Waste and tube lights/ CFLs bins in common areas such as club house/Lobbies. Instruct the residents not to mix them with dry waste.
13Kinds of Waste   Promote steps to move towards a zero waste community…..aim to minimize the amount of waste going out of your campus.