Fund Opportunities

We are soliciting funds for the following activities/projects:

Solid Waste Management Projects

Solid Waste Management

  • PR01: Urban, Uttarakhand - Expansion of our intervention under Project Aviral at Haridwar. This will focus on implementing sustainable waste management systems in Haridwar by working with all stakeholders in the eco-system.

  • PR02: Urban/Rural, Assam – Strengthening Solid Waste Management systems by improving segregation levels, collection & processing efficiency in Jorhat (or any other town) and working in villages around the Kaziranga National Park and Kohra River Basin to reduce pollution and improve resource recovery. Similar projects in other North Eastern states can also be taken up.

  • PR03: Rural, Telangana - Setting up sustainable solid waste management systems in 6 model Gram Panchayats and scaling up in other Gram Panchayats of the Siddipet District

  • PR04: Rural, Rajasthan - To manage the dry waste as per Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016, that will reduce air, water and soil pollution and promote visual cleanliness in the Mandan, Majra and Shahjahanpur Gram Panchayats in Neemrana, Alwar district


Projects on special waste streams : Construction & Demolition Waste, E-Waste, Bulky Waste

Projects Special Waste Streams

  • SS01: C&D Waste, Hyderabad - Carrying out awareness activities among the bulk and non-bulk generators of C&D waste, popularizing the helpline for collection and  improving the collection and processing of C&D waste in Hyderabad city; working in close coordination with GHMC.

  • SS02: E-waste and Bulky waste, Bangalore: Expansion of the Change Matters Project. “Change Matters”, a project initiated by Saahas aims to create awareness on social and environmental impacts of improper disposal of Bulky Waste and facilitate implementation of responsible collection and recycling. This project focuses on handling waste such as furniture, mattress, toys, books, footwear, and e-waste. The collected waste in turn is donated to charities or given away to entrepreneurs dealing in second hand goods. Your waste is either recycled, reused or sent for responsible disposal. Through “Change Matters” we aim to bridge the gap between the current and the desired state of bulky waste management.


Projects promoting Circular Economy

Projects Promoting Circular Economy

  • CE01: Circular Economy, Gurgaon/Bangalore – Waste Reduction through cutlery Bank and Washing Unit. This project will involve setting up of rental cutlery banks and mobile washing units to promote usage of reusable alternatives to single-use disposable items

  • CE02: Circular Economy, Gurgaon/Bangalore – Repair Karo, Promotion of concept of Repair by organizing Repair Melas, training/upskilling of technicians, other innovative ideas that promote life extension through repair will be pilotted





We also execute customized projects based on the focus areas, location preference and budgets of the Corporates/Funding agencies.
For more details contact us at: mentioning the project code and title in subject line