Wilma Rodrigues

The journey of Saahas began in 2001 with registration under the Societies Act. Wilma Rodrigues, a formal journalist, founded Saahas to promote waste management practices in alignment with the very progressive Municipal Solid Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules, 2000.

Headquartered in Bangalore, we have since grown and are now operational in Gurugram, Surat, Chennai, Hubballi and Ballari. Over the years, Saahas has been innovating, incubating and propagating waste management programs focused on two key principles of “Segregation at Source” and “Decentralized Waste Management”. 

Time line

  • 2001

    Registered as a Society

  • 2002

    “Less Plastic for me ” campaign run in Nilgiris, Food World and other supermarkets around Bangalore

    Less plastic
  • 2004

    First on-site waste management unit set up in SBI, Bangalore

  • 2008

    Tied-up with Tetra Pak to support EPR(Extended Producer Responsibility) program.

    Tetra pack
  • 2010

    First Community Waste Processing Centre,Kasa Rasa, set up under PPP model,is operational .

    Kasa Rasa
  • 2011

    A second Kasa Rasa center setup in Koramangala, Bangalore

  • 2013

    Saahas zero Waste Management Private Ltd is born

    Saahas Zero Waste
  • 2014

    FCRA certification obtained

  • 2015

    First Rural waste management program launched in Ballari

    Rural waste management
  • 2016

    Third Kasa Rasa operational in Whitefield, Bangalore

    Kasa Rasa
  • 2017

    Outstation programs in Gurugram and Hubbali launched,Surat Branch established